I’d like to say I’m a fresh out of the oven kinkster, but realistically speaking I’m still in the oven. Being simmered by some and grilled by others, I discover new things every day; things about myself and about people.

Just like Alice exploring the sides of the well she was falling into, I am exploring my oven too. Constantly reminding myself that the object and the subject, the chef and the meat, are all one person. The oven is my creation too.

Am I falling or am I rising? Where is up or down when you don’t have a map? If you land somewhere, according to Newton, you are technically fallen. I’ve landed on FetLife. Then what? Being on a new ground and meeting new characters, being small to some and big to others, browsing shelves and jars, stuffed and empty, signed and unsigned.

It all started a little over a month ago. I’d never paid attention to that part of my personality before. I guess I was busy with other things. Let’s admit I envy people who get to know themselves early in life.

My first “encounters” happened on an adult dating site. Much less fetishists there definitely, but I got lucky. They’d found me! 🙂 I immediately new what type of conversations I wanted. Being gently forced (let’s say encouraged) into a kind of talk I’d never had with anyone before, I started seeing the allure of a free and happy sexually charged communication. Just that? No, it’s more. Straight walk wouldn’t do; so I started to design labyrinths and test the waters. And that was exactly what we all needed, my friends and I.

You surprise me, I surprise you. It’s how I like it.