This is funny. I’ve already heard from a couple of guys (usually after a productive Kik talk) that they worry whether after ALL THAT I’m not actually a guy having his little perverted fun. Kinksters, come on! You can handle that!

Well, firstly, I can actually appreciate this method a particular kind of guy would undertake in order to do what I do. So smart. Just post yourself as a girl on a site like this, and get at it! I find it sad indeed that online communication is such a risqué business, and many people trick and lie in order to get what they want.

What can I do to prove you I’m not a guy?

  • I can make an instant picture on your request. Say cobra pose or whatever. Usually without face. I show face too, but later down the road. Friendly warning: you may fall in love.
  • I can show you my makeup collection. Still not convinced?! Okay, time to get you away from Youtube I guess…
  • Finally (100% reliable!) I can record a voice sample for you in Kik. No guy on Earth can sound like that, even if coached by Celine fucking Dion.

Of course, even after you’ve seen my lovely body and heard my heavenly voice, you still don’t know… who am I within? What if I’m a dude on the inside? Hm? One happy motherfucker who won a lottery and was born in a perfect disguise?

Where is the gender located exactly? A soul? A mind? Brain, and where exactly in a brain, show me? Body? DNA? Astral cocoon?

When do you know you are a woman? When you like shopping for lace thongs? Nope, some guys like it too. When you like men? Nope, we know it’s not it. When you blush? When you giggle? When you’re putting on a “mystery”? I mean the jury is still not out on Mona Lisa, you know.

I know I am a woman not because of all that. I know it because…

  • I’ve seen faces of my children decades before they were born.
  • I know it because when the moon is full, I sleep with curtains open.
  • I know it because when another woman is 5 weeks pregnant I can tell.
  • And I know it because when a man looks at me the way he does, I know this world will live for as long as men stare like him making women feel like me.