One day, you see, she won’t return
Your call, your text, your “I love you”.
She’ll dry her tears and will not yearn
For something that she thought was true.

She will not think you’re good or bad.
She will not think of you at all.
Spare all your “you know what we’ve had”,
For someone else will make that call.

Your name will sink, your face will fade.
Another voice will clear the cache.
Imagine ink in frozen state
Dreaming of paper turned to ash.

One of those days she won’t be back.
She’ll clutch her heart and say “no more”.
Love was a needle in a stack.
You’ve made your choice. Suck on your straw.

One day, you know, she will be gone.
Suns will keep rising all the same.
But every time that song is on,
You will repeat her name, her name.