Almost a fairy-tale, if it wasn’t true to the word and to the frame.

From the sunny blooming shire
Right on to the fatal mire
My audacious barefoot girlfriend
Led me properly by hand
With her mellow cheeky laughter,
Knowing what was coming after.
Silent twilight drove us farther
Over roots and stumps in sand.

Daddy Moon was lazy, playing
With a baby cloud; just swaying,
Blinking, moaning, nodding, sighing,
Telling gossips (about me?)
“We are here! You’re on your own, girl!”
She just vanished in a brisk twirl,
Leaving me alone in ragged
Drizzle smelling like chablis.

First I saw his back. He mumbled
Like a shaman. I was humbled
When without a turn of head he
Softly spoke to me “Fear not.
You, my fair Undine, are gifted.
You’ll come out revealed and lifted.
Hurry up! The night is short and
This may be your only shot”

So the swamp became a mirror,
Getting warmer, getting clearer;
And the nymph in me was surfaced
Ceaselessly exuding ying.
Lovingly, with tickling feeling
Mystic waters started healing;
And I saw his eyes turn greener,
My new friend, the forest king.

He was moving with no hurry,
Coming out, all tall and furry,
From his shadowy dominion,
Enigmatic vixen male,
Shimmering under the moonlight,
Ancient creature on a June night,
Slowly, cunningly approaching,
Wiggling his fantastic tail.

I got caught up in a twister,
Cyclon mimicing a mister!
I forgot all past and present,
Everyone I’d known and seen.
I woke up to endless ringing;
Picked up with my head still spinning.
“I’ve been dialing you for ages.
It’s your Muse. How have you been?”