I’m learning how to draw, and live on Pinterest and Instagram. I like subscribing to artists, and love when they do the same. Bill D. followed me on Instagram recently! When he did, I froze for days and didn’t want to post any more pictures. My dad said “Why are you so worried? He is an artist, and likes to see what others are doing”. And of course my common sense was telling “He is just a human, don’t be silly, and do your thing”. Apotheosis is a medical condition. But such a fun one.

So, I see that rather few artists draw with white on black paper. It is unusual. To draw on black, you could use pastel, oil, chalk or iridescent paints. It is like trying to light up the night, or to reach the depths of the world in search for rarest creatures. They could be deep ocean butterflies… or Balrog. Depends on your luck.

I’m happy, but never content. If I ever learn how to draw the face (an amazingly challenging face to draw, for a number of reasons… no, not yours… and neither yours… hahaha), will I finally be content, or will some new sehnzucht take place? Will I draw it with black ink on white paper, or with gold and bronze on black paper? The biggest decision to make.

But first, I will draw myself. With red lips. I heard someone say on Youtube that Mijello sets have too many reds. Silly man. There are never too many reds.