So you called such behaviour childish. Sudden. Even petty.

Where you live, you must have seen the vigor with which water breaks against hard ground.

Imagine the element flowing. Suddenly her path is blocked by massive lumps of ice, so cold even birds don’t fly above them.

When something is so devastatingly cold and alluring at the same time, what do you do? You come very close, and whatever you touch it with freezes hard against it. Like a child, I was uncareful with my tongue, and now I don’t have any. Like a thief, I was uncareful with my hands, and now merely water is dripping through my dying fingers. Like a woman, I was uncareful with my heart, and now I’m a medical miracle, hope my doctor doesn’t notice anything next checkup around.

What is a tide to do against those icy rocks on her way? Crash. Seizure. Rupture. Hell yes she wants a kiss. I mean, look at you.

But the beautiful thing about being “sudden” is also this… She suddenly wakes up and starts seeing things clearly. And gracefully, like sea foam, she starts backing down, down and away. Easily. And forever.

So you wanted to be a king? Or maybe a god? Here is the dessert, your kingdom, you’re welcome. Here is the humble shallow, so find some clay here to make yourself a new human toy. It will bow to you… and break in half. Cheap and fake clay these days, you know.

You held the blossoming olive branch in your very hand, and you lost it.

There will be no charges, no hopes, no waiting, and certainly no childish reactions, anymore. Not even my whole ocean is enough to ring this lonesome cliff.